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RE: Does anyone have a good fat free recipe for cheesecake bases?

I am the distributor of a cookbook from one of the leading Health Spas of the World.  Their cookbook, Feast &
Be Fit, contains recipes which they have been serving at the spa for the past 12 years.  Each recipe contains
the following nutritional information:  Calories, Sodium, grams of Fat, and Percent Calories from Fat.  Of the
110 recipes in the cookbook, 98 are Vegan (no animal proteins).

In the dessert section of the cookbook, many of the recipes have a crust similar to the cheesecake crust that
you are looking for, Blueberry mock-Cheesecake, Orange chiffon Pie, etc.

For the crust, simply place a thin layer of Grapenut cereal.  If desired, you can also, puree the Grapenuts in
a blender until smooth, and then mix with a small amount of water, form into the bottom of the pan, and then
bake like a pie crust.

This cookbook,which normally sells for $12.95 plus shipping and handling, is now being offered for the low
price of $6.00 (includes shipping and handling).  For more information on how to purchase this cookbook, call
1-800-250-9634 or mailto:spa@xxxxxxxxxxxx

Martin L. Peterson
M.A.P. Enterprises
SPA CUISINE cookbook
435-688-0343 fax