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Grill marinate and cheesey sauce

     Hi all,
     The suggestion for the grilled vegetables was fantastic.  
     I did not have balsamic vinegar so I used garlic red wine vinegar
     measurements I ended up with was pretty much equal parts.  I just 
     eyeball added the three ingredients: the soy sauce (I had lite salt

     Kikoman style), the real maple syrup, and the vinegar  
     I mixed about two tablespoons of each in a bowl, whipped until
     then put my whole portabello mushroom cap in the bowl shook it
     a bit then let it sit.  About 1/2 hour later I swished the bowl
     and turned over the mushroom and left it for another 1/2 hour.  
     I grilled it for about 4-5 minutes on each side.  Dressed my bun
     Dijon, nice thick slice of onion, and dill sandwich slices and ate
     just like a burger!  It was great.  That was my cheat meal for the 
     week, that naughty bun is not allowed with MWLP.  But if that is my

     worst meal for the week I will be happy. 
     If the person (I forgot who posted this) who came up with the
     mix for the cheesy sauce please repost it.  I remember they halved
     McDougal cheesy sauce recipe and another recipe for the cheesy
     mixed them together and said it was perfect.  I have looked
     and can't find the post.  I did try the Mcdougal cheese sauce last 
     night and I think I will cut the pimento in half next time and just

     call it creamy tomato soup.  That is more what it reminded me of
     a cheese sauce but it was good.
     Keep up the great recipe's and hints.
     The other Joe in Minnesota.
     P.S. Has anyone on the MWLP found a decent substitute for bready
     things.  I really miss the texture!  I ended up making faux
     burritos Friday night with grape leaves.  It was okay, but
     not a tortilla.            Thanks,   Joe B.