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Yummy dinner last night!

Hi Everyone-

  My SO and I had the best dinner last night that was super easy!  Just
thought I would share.

We BBQ'd:

Zucchini brushed with BBQ Teriyaki sauce (something found in fridge that 
                                          belonged to SO's roommate)
White Corn
Yams - sliced and sprinkled with fresh ground cardamom

I also made a 3-bean salad, the recipe was sent earlier.

And we had the following for dessert:

Angel food cake - left over from SO's bday party
FF vanilla frozen yogurt 
FF Raspberry puree
Sprig of mint

And ofcourse the good bottle of Chardoney to go with the whole meal.

Gosh, I'm getting hungry now!  Anyway, it was a great dinner!



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