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re: Rice Milk

"Tasia Pruitt" <stacianbob@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote: 
> I have tried all the milk replacements at my grocery store and seem to 
> like the rice milk the best. The prices seem to climb higher and higher, 
> and as a result, I look for alternative methods. Does any one have a 
> recipe for rice milk, or a fairly good idea about how I could try to 
> make it? TIA.
> ~*~Tasia~*~

Its pretty easy-- take one cup of cooked brown rice, and put it in a
blender with 3-4 cups of water. Blend until pretty smooth. Optionally 
filter out the rice bits that are left (personally, I like them).
Add a little vanilla or sugar if desired. You do need to shake well
before using it, as this separates, but otherwise I like it as much
as the premade stuff.

T Sconyers