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Let's talk rice...

Hello All!

I know that brown rice is the "right/correct/best,etc." rice to eat (as
well as being very tasty!), but....how does jasmine rice stack up?  I
know that processed white rice has zippo in the nutrition department due
to the way it is processed and jasmine rice is, well, white, so
therefore is it in the same category?  I have only purchased mine from
the bulk department and have *no* idea how it is processed, so this may
be a *very* dumb question....so gang, what is the verdict?  And also,
how do the other types of rice stack up?  I know that the suchi rices
such as nishiki have a gluten coating making them more skicky, but is it
stripped of its nutritional qualities then zapped with gluten?  I am
realizing that I am really not very knowledgable in the rice department
as far as nutritional-ness (!?).  I have always just bought brown and
enjoyed it, however, I have been playing with all the others (jasmine,
basmati (white and brown), jasmati, nishiki, sweet brown, etc., etc.)
and would like the low down on how they rate.  Any help out there?

Durham, NC
HOT!!  here like everywhere else! Except where it is not.....