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Re: Mastercook - enough vegan recipes to be worth the cost????

For me the strength of Mastercook is not in the recipes that are provided in
the cd (to be honest I haven't really gone through them except for one time
when I wanted to do a tropical dinner...started with coconut basmati rice
that I got off the web.)  The thing that I like about the program is the
recipes that I get off the web.  Many many people use the program and it
makes my job easy to save and import the files rather than re-input them
into a program.  That and the nutritional breakdown (although since I have
committed myself to MWL I am trying to avoid knowing exactly how much fat,
calories etc are in my food).

The other thing is that you can get an older copy of Mastercook (version 2
or 3) which contains most of the core features for a very reasonable price
(I have seen people get copies for as low as $5-10.  This isn't a very big
investment and definitely worth it in terms of its ability to organize,
share and give nutritional breakdown (which I still need for example  to
check if recipes fit the guidelines of this list for example).

Also, I find the autofill portion of Mastercook a huge asset.  Since I can
basically cut and paste the instructions part of any recipe and it will
autofill as I type for the ingredients list it makes adding recipes to
Mastercook a breeze.  There is also a program called Buster which is
supposed to make importing non-mastercook recipes easier but I have no idea
how to use it.  For information on that I suggest going to the mastercook
site at http://www.mastercook.com .  All in all I definitely think that
Mastercook is worth the price I paid and trust me that there are tonnes of
vegan recipes on the net that are already in Mastercook form.

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Subject: Mastercook - enough vegan recipes to be worth the cost????

>Are there enough VEGAN recipes in the Mastercook
>to make the purchase of the software worthy of its cost???
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>Please tell me where I can learn about buying, Mastercook.
>Does it have a feature that breaks down and converts the nutrients of
>the recipes into grams?
>thank you