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something simple

Recently I sent a private email to someone from this group about how I use
nutritional yeast.  And then I got the urge to have some myself.  So here is
the tip I gave to her along with the simple sandwich I made.

Take some non-fat mayo, I like Nayonaise.  Mix in some nutritional yeast along
with some garlic and/or onion powder.  Stir well.

Spread two slices of  bread with the yeast spread.  Open up a box of Mori-Nu
low fat tofu and cut a slice, as thick as you want, and place it on the bread.
Cut a slice of onion and place that on the tofu.  Go ahead and chow down.  If
I'd had some green pepper I would have put a slice of that on it too. 

I worked at a health food store several years ago and we made up pita
sandwiches to sell using the yeast spread, cheese and alfalfa sprouts--so you
could do that using fat free cheese.  You can made up a container of the yeast
spread to have on hand.  Just put in the nutritional yeast to taste--remember
to stir before using after its been in the fridge, it tends to separate a

Barbara in FL     It is so hot here, you gotta keep it simple!