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Definition of Meat...


  I've always wondered why many people seem to think that chicken, or
seafood or whatever, isn't considered meat and is then ok for
vegetarians.  (big pet peeve!)

  So, I decided to look up the definition in my dictionary, and I
thought what I found was interesting and wanted to share:

In my 10 year old American Heritage it says:

meat 1. The edible flesh of mammals, as distinguished from that of fish
or poultry.

(there were some other defs, but they didn't apply)

So I thought, hmmm, I guess that's where the idea is coming from.  So
then I looked it up on the Webster's on the web:

Meat 2. animal tissue considered especially as food: a : FLESH 2b b :
FLESH 1a; specifically : flesh of domesticated animals

Hmmm, I wonder if American Heritage has updated their definition :-)

Anyway, thought it was interesting...


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