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Pasta Machines

I have a pasta machine and a pasta press.  I would agree with most people
that the press makes better pasta, although the machine pasta is quite
acceptable.  I own both because they each have their place.  For flat
pastas I use the press, otherwise I use the machine.

I have never found any need to use oil or eggs in the pasta, though I
usually do use a pureed broccolli or spinich mixuture(about 50% water) to
mix the pastry flour.  The mixture of flour/water does have to be pretty
precise, however.  The flavor can take some getting used to.

I think the dual direction pasta makers are easier to use and clean, but
the seperated chamber pasta makers may be more reliable.  In any case, they
sound like an vacuum cleaner.


One year later, I got transfered to the moon
worse pay, better hours
I got transfered to the moon
worse pay, better fellow workers.
-was (not was)