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Misc Replies

I have been catching up on the digest, and I have a few replies

For the wheat berries question, spout them.  Get a canning jar, put the
whear berries inside, and cover  with chesse cloth.  Rinse berries well
twice a day for few days, and you will have sprouts an be used in all sorts
or sandwiches and salads.  As a whole grain, use them like rye in pilafs,
and stews.  You can put many different grains and vegetable in a crock pot,
add water and spices, and have a geat meal.

Honey:  It is not vegan.  I use maple syrup instead.

Fat free milk idea:  I think this has been talked about before.  One can
boiled a can of sweetened fat free condensed milk(the can can explode, very
dangerous, could cause serious damage, injury, or death, can must stay
completely submerged in boiling water) for an hour of so.  Once it is
cooled, this makes a wonderful creamy desert.  Try serving it between two
sweeted thin hard tortilla-like shells.

Bread collapsing: too much water.  You must check the dough as it is
kneaded.  The dough should be a soft pliable ball that does not stick to
the side of the kneading chamber.  If it is too sticky, add flour.  If it
is too hard, add water.  What is too sticky or too hard is learned with


One year later, I got transfered to the moon
worse pay, better hours
I got transfered to the moon
worse pay, better fellow workers.
-was (not was)