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Re: Mastercook - enough vegan recipes to be worth the cost????


As far as I'm concerned, recipes are not the reason to purchase
Mastercook...most of the recipes in it look terrible, IMHO whether vegan
or not.  In fact I deleted most of them!

The reason for getting the software (and it's definately a bargain at
only $30) is that it organizes recipes, gives you nutritional
information, and has a wonderful search feature.  Basically, if I have
tofu, green beans, and peppers in the house but I'm not sure what I want
to fix, I can enter those three ingredients in and all the recipes with
those ingredients will come up.

It's also GREAT for parties!  You can create a menu of everything you
want to serve, print out all the recipes at one time, generate how much
it will cost, nutritional analysis of the whole thing, etc.  I use this
everytime I give a party and enter notes into the menu about what was
liked, what was leftover, etc.

You can also generate grocery lists from the recipes you want to make,
there is a wine-list, meus for the month,....can you tell I love it?

Basically, every time I cook something new, I enter it into Mastercook.
I don't ever have to go searching through zillions of magazines looking
for that one particular recipe from a couple of years ago.  Plus, there
are lots of recipes on the web in Mastercook format, and it's super easy
to import.

Give it a try, it's located at:


Next to Quicken, it's the best, most useful software I own!  No, I don't
have anything to do with the company, I'm just a VERY satisfied



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