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archives, rice

Does anyone know how long it takes before posted recipes are added to the
archives?  The fatfree web page says this happens "automatically."  I have been
looking for some recently posted recipes (the banana ice cream, miso-cabbage
soup, for example) and cannot find them.

A useful booklet called "Wild World of Bulk: Buying and Preparing Bulk Foods"
is available from Wild Oats (my health food store).  Web page is
http://www.wildoats.com, phone# on book is 800-494.wild  I would guess you
could actually get the booklet from one of these sources - it cost me 25 cents
at the store.  Chapter headings are: beans, grains, rice, flour, pasta,
nuts&seeds, sprouting, sea vegetables, mixes, baking essentials, liquid bulk,
dried fruits, pressure cooking hints, recipe cookbooks & recommended reading. 
I have found a lot of valuable info in this 47 page booklet, including how to
cook each item, suggested recipes, nutrients, etc.

Checking the booklet to help the person asking about rice, some booklet
excerpts are: 
	"Basmati rice: An aromatic longgrain rice which comes in brow or polished
white.  Brown basmatic retains its bran and germ and has considerably more
nutrients than the white."  Yes we all know what's healthy but I think this
sentence also tells us that any rice that looks white, is white, and has had
the bran and germ removed.
	"Jasmine rice: An aromatic long-grain rice...available mainly in polished
white and less often, in whole grain brown."
	"Long grain brown rice: ...has a nutty flavor and cooks up fluffier and drier
than medium or short grain rices."
	"Sushi rice: A semi-polished white rice used mainly for nori rolls."
	"Wehani Rice (Red Rice): This long-grain rice has a red bran layer and smells
like hot buttered popcorn while cooking. Chewey and sweet, it is similar to
basmati in taste.  Beautiful red color creates stunningly colorful salads..." 
Wow, I've got to get some of this!
	"Wild Rice: ...actually an aquatic grass seed grain, not a rice...high in B

Hope this helps.

Riki Darling