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RE: Chinese Plum Sauce ?

I'm afraid I have no idea how to make Plum Sauce.  If anyone has
directions, please share.  I have also run into a problem on what
different people call plum sauce.  The kind I like is called Hoisin
Sauce.  One definition says it is a mixture of garlic, soybeans, chiles
and various spices. It is thick, reddish-brown, spicy-sweet.  If anyone
has a recipe for this... I'd love to hear it! 

Also, if you have recipes for any other Chinese sauces, please share.
One of the local restaurants has something called Home Style Bean Curd.
The sauce on this is one of my all time favorites!

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Hi All,

I have approx. 10 lbs of juicy yellow plums and would like to make and
preserve some Chinese Plum sauce. Something along the lines of those
packages that come with egg rolls at a restaurant. So far unable to find
anything close that we can use with the veggie egg rolls we now bake at

Any suggestions would be quickly gobbled up :)