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Chas, SC rest. for Lynn

This if for Lynn Whitescarver who is looking for fatfree or lowfat restaurants
in Charleston, SC for her trip in February.

Being a tourist town, we are deluged with restaurants, and North Charleston is
actually larger than Charleston, so I'll give you in both parts of town.  Last
night, my husband and I went to the new Mongolian BBQ restuarant in North
Charleston.  It's set up like a salad bar with trays of chopped veggies and
m**t and sauces.  You choose what you want into a bowl, they add the
appropriate sauces for mild or hot, and throw in on the huge mongolian grill
to stir fry.  Took all of 60 seconds and it was wonderful!!!  The cook chose
the sauces for me since I was lost at their huge selection.  I told him I
wanted mild, and he used garlic water, black bean sauce, hosein and a few

If you will be downtown, just across the Cooper River bridge in Mt. Pleasant
is a vegetarian restaurant called the Mustard Seed.  It is listed in the
yellow pages after all the restaurant listings, broken down into different
cuisines.  There is also a Vietnamese restaurant in North Charleston that I've
heard is very low fat, but I haven't tried it yet.
There is also our huge new health food supermarket, that has a small cafe in
it.  It's in the West Ashley area, across the Ashley River from downtown
Charleston.  Another health food store West Ashley, called Raspberries, has a
vegetarian take out deli.

Hope this helps.  Feel free to email me privately if you need more

Pat in Charleston