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Re: pressure cooker

Anything bny Lorna Sass.  you might need to do some adjustions to lower
fat, but there are lots of good tips in there and information about
cooking in a pressure cooker.  She does all vegan cookbooks, so you don't
have to remove critter from her recipes, which I really like.  I've got
Cooking Under Pressure, I think, but she has one or two other pressure
cooker books that I love.

Comment: If you get the Cooking Under Pressure book, try the lima bean and
herb soup -- you'd swear it was LOADED with fat, it's so creamy! It says
not to make it in a jiggle top cooker becuse a skin could catapult (her
word, not mine) into the vent, but I just remove all the skins from the
beans before I cook them.  It sounds tedious, but limas swell so much the
skins all are falling off anyway, you just have to swish the water around
and most of them float to the top on their own.  Then I take handsful of
the beans and rub them together and almost all of the rest of the skins
fall off.  Then the few remaining skins have to be pulled off by hand, but
by then, there are so few left, that it's no big deal.  great task for
doing while watching TV, in fact!

My very favoritest soup in the world (although we rarely follow the

-Sarah G. AKA Sandra Mort

On Sat, 24 Jan 1998, Allen & Marilyn wrote:

> I have a 12 quart pressure cooker that I brought for canning.  I have
> only used it a few times.  I would like to use it more frequently.   Any
> suggestions, cookbooks, etc?