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Re: fruit soup

> amount....  Anyway I wanted to make the recipe posted here a couple of weeks
> ago for Chinese porridge, so I put shiitake mushrooms on the list. He didn't
> get them. He said they were $4/oz and since the recipe called for 10 ounces,
> that's $40! So I used regular mushrooms and some enoki mushrooms. And it was
> really delicious and was a big hit with my family!

Oh, my goodness!!!  I don't have the recipe in front of me, but I'd be
willing to bet large amounts of money that the recipe called for 10 ounces
of either fresh or rehydrated shittakes, while your husband was pricing
the dried mushrooms.  No recipe I've ever seen has called for that many
dried mushrooms, not even the 2 gallons of porcini/shiitake gravy that I
made for thanksgiving did! (And it wasn't VLF, so I'm *NOT* posting it
here, so don't ask! <smile>)

Fresh shiitakes run closer to $10 a lb.  You're probably looking at 6 or 8
dollars for 10 ounces of mushrooms -- still a lot, I'm not saying they're
cheap -- but you could put in 4 ounces and use white button for the
remaining 6 oz to lower the cost somewhat.  I don't look at it that way.
If I want to justify a treat like shiitakes, I walk over to the meat
section and see how much I'm saving my not buying any meat.  The shiitakes
look cheap next to cow!

-Sarah G. AKA Sandra Mort