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Re: Buy expensive saffron - are you kidding?

> Inside there are 4 smaller packets, each packet seasons 1 pound of rice.
> That comes to about 17 cents to season 1 pound of rice - a steal compared to
> buying yellow rice already seasoned, or using pure saffron.
> The contents of the packet is as follows:
> Paprika, Corn starch, F.D. & C. yellow #5, Artificial food color, monosodium
> glutamate, and SAFFRON. Remember, it only takes a very tiny amount of
> saffron for a recipe, and these packets have enough saffron in them.

Yes, but you're not paying for saffron here.  I'm sure you could mix
together paprika, corn starch, food coloring, msg and saffron for MUCH
less than 17 cents a container... 

Is there any comparable product out there without all of the chemicals in
it?  I'd be interested in that, as I don't like to cook with msg or
artifial food coloring or flavors.  I'd rather just cut the real saffron
with paprika or leave it out altogether.

-Sarah G AKA Sandta Mort