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Re: Cooking rice in pressure cooker

The problem ith rinsing the rice to remove the starch is that many
commercial brands of rice coat the outside of their rice with additional
vitamins.  Rinsing gets rid of all of these.

Personally, though, I love sticky rice (ever try eating nonsticky rice
with chopsticks?  What a mess!) and think that the invention of the rice
cooker was the best thing ever... rinse the rice (I buy non-enriched rice,
so it doesn't matter), pour it in, add water, walk away and you come back
to finished rice.  It keeps it warm for you if you're not ready to eat, so
it doesn't mattere how long the rest of the meal takes, -- your rice will
be just fine.  It *DOES* come out sticky, though, so I guess you could
rinse or something if you don't like that.

-Sarah G. AKA Sandra Mort