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sprouting seeds

Sprouting seeds, general rules, inclusive of the sprouts you mentioned. 
sprouting dish?  what i always use is a quart jar with a mesh lid.  they
make plastic "mesh" lids now especially for this, with three diff. sidze
holes for the diff stages of growth, but you can also use plain window
screen, screwed down on the jar.  
	Soak a couple of tablespoons of seeds in a quart jar full of water over
night, then in the morning, fill up the jar w. water and rinse them
off.  (that's why the mesh top, so you can easily do the rinsing and not
lose your seeds).  put the jar on it's side in a window.  rinse the
seeds the same way that night -- and just continue to rinse the seeds
morning and night and leave the jar on its side in the window.  if you
also have a bigger maesh for later in the growth process, when you rinse
the seeds you will also rinse off the seed husk.  the seed husk is what
makes the sprouts spoil, after you've grown them.  basically, the
sprouts are finsihed when you think they are finished (depending on your
patience level) -- takes about 5 days.  
yum, i especially like the spicy radish sprouts.  
	i have heard, of late, that broccolli sprouts are better for you than
alfalfa sprouts, but it's all relative . . . .
have fun sprouting!