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Sprouting seeds

A question was asked:

>Does anyone have any suggestions/recommendations on sprouting seeds? I
>just bought broccoli, alfalfa, radish & mustard seeds along with a
>sprouting dish from Johnny's Selected Seeds - www.johnnyseeds.com

>Any comments on sprouting, types of seeds, nutritional benefits, or
>uses? My only experience has been with sprouting wheatberries for bread
>machine recipes. Thanks.

I would suggest that you get some less-volatile tastes to go with the ones
you listed.  Alfalfa would be the perfect suggestion.  Any of the ones you
listed have more than enough character to demand dilution with something
less insistent.  Sprouting a variety (and the list you give works well)
will make for an interesting salad or garnish, and they should come along
in pretty-much the same sprouting time.

Good luck!

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