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tortillas and pressure...

I do the sushi-thing with tortillas all the time. I ususally spread refried
black or pinto beans (reconstituted from the dry mixes are esp. easy),
followed by shredded fatfree cheese (if you eat that) or tofu whirled in a
blender, and on top of that salsa (spread very thinly) and some sprouts or
minced red bell peppers or spinach.  I roll them up, wrap in foil and
refrigerate for several hours to make sure thay cut easily.

Three hints: be a bit sparse with the fillings (or they ooze out), chill
them well, and cut with a very sharp knife.

Re: Vegetarian Cooking Uder Pressure--I love this book, and my new Magefesa
pressure cooker.  I made risotto the other day and it was heavenly and no
work at all--the recipes are very good--I tried the veggie paella too.