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bread bakers mailing list

There has been a lot of discussion about bread machines and bread baking
recently on list.  I have a nice little list for bread bakers that some of
you might be interested in joining.  We have about 4,000 subscribers at any
given time, the list has been on the net for 8 yrs now and there are 4 well
known bread machine authors on list with us and they do answer questions in
the digest or privately to people.

This is not a vegetarian or ff list...it is for all bread bakers no matter
what method they use or ingredients that they wish to use.  But if you are
interested in FF or vegetarian breads all one has to do is ask and I am
sure that help will be forth coming.

I asked Michelle if she minded if I post this note and she graciously told
me to go ahead.  So here is part of the Info sheet that you get when you join.

>The bread-bakers mailing list is run automatically by Bestserv.  The
commands and options are different from those of listserv, listproc or

The bread-bakers mailing list is only available in digest format.  

To subscribe to bread-bakers, send mail to 
In the body of the message, place (lower case, no indentation):


This will subscribe you at the address that your message is sent from.
This is almost certainly your correct address.  Bestserv will send you a
message asking you to confirm your subscription request.  You must reply
to the message changing the word REJECT in the subject to ACCEPT.  You will
get a confirmation when your subscription has been accepted.  If you have
problems subscribing, please write to us at
<bread-bakers-owner@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> and we will assist you.  

Please don't ever hesitate to write to me directly if you have any

Thanks for considering Bread Bakers.

Reggie Dwork                        | Om Mani Padme Hung
reggie@xxxxxxxxxx                   |
Owner bread-bakers, eat-lf and otbf mailing lists