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Freezing Pizza Crust

I have never froze pizza crust before, but I thought about maybe a super way
to do it.

Make your dough then spread it out in a pizza pan to fit. Put some plastic
wrap on top of it to cover (you can buy wide rolls of plastic wrap). You
could also pre-cook the dough somewhat???

Flatten out another parcel of dough, and put it directly on top of the
plastic wrap. Keep repeating the process for as many times as you want, then
freeze all with the pizza pan in place. After the crust are frozen you may
remove the pizza pan, but only if you need too.

(I'm really stretching my neck out on this last statement) =
When you need a pizza crust, grab a hold of the top piece of plastic wrap
with two hands, on each side, and gently lift it off of the stack.  The
crust should almost be like a mold made from the pizza pan -  Cajun Joe