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Hi everyone -

I have a regular cheesecake recipe I want to convert to fatfree and I know I
can just use fatfree cream cheese - but it also calls for heavy cream - do you
think nonfat milk would work or should I just give up on this particular

Another question: This is off-topic, so if anyone has an idea, please mail me
privately. I've been on Mcdougall for 4 years now. It used to be difficult to
lose weight even though I exercised quite a bit - if I just ate too many ff
snacks I wouldn't lose anything that week. This last year I increased my
exercise quite a bit and now, even though I'm no longer doing such an extreme
amount, I lose weight quite easily. I can even be fairly "bad" and still lose
a pound or two. Could all this exercise have changed my metabolism? I'm not
complaining, you understand, but just curious. Thanks.

Zoe Sodja
Santa Cruz