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Re: MacDougall's

Meryl wrote:

> I've been trying recipes from MacDougall's Maximum Weight Loss Book and
> have been disappointed...
> I've been eating a very lowfat diet for over three years now
> and cannot understand why I'm not adapting to MacDougall's as most of
> you seem to have.  

Although I follow MacDougall's diet principles, I HATE his recipes too!
I have yet to find one main dish meal that tastes half decent. As you
said, they are always too bland or too spicy.

However, there are many low-fat vegetarian cookbooks on the market and I
have found lots of great recipes in them that follow MacDougall's
guidelines (or that can be easily adapted).  My 3 favorites, which I
suggest you try, are: Eat More, Weigh Less (Ornish), 1,001 Low-Fat
Vegetarian Recipes (Spitler), and Moosewood Restaurant Low Fat
Favorites. I think you will find something you like in them!