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Re: MacDougall's

McDougall's Maximum Weight Loss Book doesn't allow many foods that his other
books allow.   I like the salads and some of the side dishes.   I find the
maximum weight loss plan too difficult to follow.   I like my breads,
pastas, and sweets.   His other cookbooks have more variety.   As in all his
books, adjust the spices to your liking.   I find many of their recipes too
bland and others too spicy.   Good luck.

Love Marilyn

Meryl K. Evans wrote:

> I've been trying recipes from MacDougall's Maximum Weight Loss Book and
> have been disappointed.  Some of the breakfasts are so bland or so spicy
> (I've got stomach acid problems and cannot take it for breakfast).  The
> only thing I've halfway liked are the soups.  What am I doing wrong?  I
> don't want to make salads because they don't keep and I despise dressing
> so I don't care for salads.  I did make veggie dips, but they're
> difficult to take to work for snacks (they don't give me energy for a
> workout).  I've been eating a very lowfat diet for over three years now
> and cannot understand why I'm not adapting to MacDougall's as most of
> you seem to have.
> Thanks for any advice.
> Meryl