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Quinoa, kuzu and broth

Hi, all,

I remember a post a week or so ago about the blandness of quinoa.  I finally
tried it for the first time this week and to me, it's like any other bland
food - it is what you add to it.  I really enjoyed the corn-kernel-like crunch
of the texture, too.  (I was mistaking the word 'crunch' in prior descriptions
for the word 'crispy', which scared me a little, lol.)

As a taste test, I cooked it with some beef-not chunks and low-sodium soy
sauce and added some black pepper to the cooked product.  Then, to make it
interesting enough for my kids to try, I mixed that with some corn and salsa.
They both enjoyed it which was a pleasant surprise, especially after my
12-year-old announced, "I'm not eating ANYthing that sounds like 'KEEN-wah'

I mixed the leftover salsa-less stuff with some ff bottled 'jerk' sauce (it's
not very spicy, but it's interesting) and extra cayenne and that was good,
too.  Now that we've got a nice broad base of grains that the boys will eat,
if only they would eat other veggies besides corn, potatoes and french-cut
green beans!!

lolli@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote about kuzu - this isn't the same as kudzu, is it?
The comfort food ideas sound excellent - I've been looking for a way to make
custard that doesn't involve eggs and still tastes like nothing's missing  :)
Lastly, for Bette, my favorite broth is Dixie's veggie broth powder.  Has only
soy & veggies, is economical, yummy and not only fatfree but low sodium as
well.  I cook rice in it and use it in sauces all the time.