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setting FUDGE & kuzu comfort food

Maybe you should try adding kuzu or even agar agar, Ive had great results
with kuzu as a dessert, not to mention beautiful comfort food, I added kuzu
to rice milk and a touch of honey, stirred over a medium flame until thick
and let it set....................yummy custard. The more kuzu you add the
thicker the consistency (naturally) 
Kuzu is a vegetarian alternative to geletin and is the ground up root of
some japanese vegetable, you can easily buy it from your HFS.

At 03:33 7/01/98 -0800, you wrote:
>Hi, campers!  My loving hubby gave me the MacDougall Quick and Easy
>Cookbook for Christmas (there were some very broad hints dropped...), and,
>chocoholic that I am, it took me no time flat to find the recipe entitled
>"Fat-Free Fudge".  Naturally, I had to try it.  Well, it certainly made a
>rich, thick chocolate sauce (said hubby loved it over ice cream), but it
>never hardened into what I would call fudge.  Maybe some of you culinary
>sleuths can figure out what went wrong.  My theory: maybe you HAVE to use
>lowfat soymilk, rather than fatfree, as I did.  Here's the recipe:
>3 Tbsp. low-fat soymilk
>3 Tbsp carob powder
>6 Tbsp sugar
>1 tsp cream of tartar
>1/2 tsp. vanilla
>dash of salt
>Combine all ingredients in a microwave-safe bowl.  Microwave on high for 60
>seconds.  Stir, let rest for 30 seconds, microwave on high for 10 seconds,
>let rest for 30 seconds; repeat the 10- and 30-second cycle two more times.
> Let cool and enjoy.
>What I did: the footnote suggests substituting lowfat cocoa powder for the
>carob, which I did.  I used fatfree soymilk.  It was still only slightly
>thickened when I finished the heating-and resting cycles, so I put it in
>the freezer for a little while.  When I came back it was hardly changed, so
>I left it in the fridge (not freezer) all night.  Didn't touch it all next
>day.  The next evening it was thick enough not to "pour" over the ice
>cream, but it was definitely spoon material rather than knife material. 
>I'm still pouting; I wanted a nice square of fudge!