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Philadelphia and other stuff

>From: Kate_Lutzner@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
>Subject: Philadelphia Veggie Restaurants
>I'm going to Philadelphia for the day tomorrow (sorry for the short
>notice!) and would love suggestions as to veg/lf friendly restaurants.
>We'll probably only have time to go to one, so your favorite/s suggestion
>is most welcome!


I'm really sorry I didn't see your message earlier. I hope you were
successful in your search in Philadelphia. At the very least, Philly has a
number of vegetarian/semi-vegetarian restaurants which are more than willing
to accomodate a fat-free diet. If you visit again, feel free to email me
directly, and I'd be glad to help you out.

On this topic, after a brief hiatus, I'm trying to get things going again
with Philly fatfree. So if there are new people around who weren't here when
I was here before, and who are interested in participating, please email me.
I'm hoping we can do something within the next month or so. I live in a
pretty fair sized place with a huge kitchen, so I'm more than willing to
have folks over for a potluck.

On to more "list-wide" topics...

As some of you know, I am the food-allergy queen. No tomatoes, strawberries,
artificial color (these are the three biggies.) I'm finally getting back
into the swing of things with my diet after some ugly periods of having to
play with my food to figure out what I was allergic to (the doctor was
afraid to test me for anything because some reactions were pretty serious.)

Anyway, I have 3 questions:

1.) I'm looking for a recipe that uses TVP but NOT tomatoes. It needs to be
vegan as well. (I know, I'm so demanding.)  I'm trying to come up with new
stuff to eat because in my previous fat-free life, I ate tomatoes at almost
every meal. Now I feel like I'm turning into the bagel/veggie burger girl,
because aside from steamed veggies, that's about all I eat, with occasional
bits of rice. Not very interesting.

2.) I'm seriously involved with someone who feels that no meat = no meal. He
grew up in Wisconsin (yes, Natalie, I know some people in Wisconsin don't
eat meat, but not eat cheese? unheard of. =-) ) I'm trying to come up with
things which I can either add meat in later, or in which he won't eat miss
the meat. The biggest problem is that he only likes peas and broccoli. Any
ideas? If it helps, he does really like casseroles a lot, and I can often
sneak in new veggies that way.

3.) Re: MasterCook. I went to a local store, and they had it listed for 15
bucks. The nearest I can figure, that was an old version that they were
trying to get rid of, or else one of those add-in pieces. So is 4.0 worth 35
bucks? I feel like we need to better organize our recipes, and I would
certainly like to keep better track of my fat intake, but I'm not sure...is
it worth it? You can email me privately on this one since it's a little off

Thanks, and it's nice to be back!