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Mori-Nu Mates Pudding Mix

I recently emailed the Mori-Nu Company complaining about their use of
coconut oil in Mori-Nu Mates. I had to chuckle at the response I got.

"We rationalized our use of coconut oils as follows:  (1) The REAL problem
with tropical oils is the processing (hydrogenization) of them by mass food
manufacturers.  The locals in coconut grove isles never suffer the kinds of
diet-related disease we bring on ourselves by our mass-processing
techniques.  Therefore by using a tiny amount (under 1 %) and by using the
non-hydrogenated form of coconut oil as a taste and texture enhancer, we
would (2) bring many tofu-phobic consumers to the table to try it for the
first time and thereby convert them!  (good plan and it worked!)  

We basically agree with you to avoid the consumption of large amounts of
tropical oils but when we exercise this degree of restraint, we feel
comfortable in saying: "A spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down". (In
this case, probably closer to a sixteenth of a teaspoonful!) We hope some
day you will reconsider your stand on our dehrdrated, non-hydrogenated
coconut, 1% when weighed fairly against that terrific taste and nutrition of
Mori-Nu Mates Pudding (75% of which is tofu and only 1% of which is a
natural form of coconut.  And (3) Our feisty, famous, gold-medal French
Pastry Chef (Paris, no less!) refused to release the product without the
coconut oil it it because "without zis, za mousse duz not perform to my
standards of excellence."  Thanks for writing, Mori-Nu."