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I read somewhere that the reason everyone argues about the bitterness of 
eggplants is genetic - not the argument, the tasting!  Remember those 
taster tests in high school biology?  People have different assortments of 
taste buds, and they recently discovered that people have different amounts 
of taste buds.

That said, don't tell me eggplants aren't bitter.  Every eggplant on earth 
is bitter to me in varying degrees, unless leached by salt or soaked in 
water.  My husband can't taste the bitterness most of the time.  I'll leave 
you to imagine the dinner table disagreements!    It isn't the strength of 
the flavor,  I eat hot chilis, okra, collard greens, and all sorts of 
strong vegetables, but keep the untreated eggplant away from me!

BTW, if you taste the bitterness, I've had marinated grilled eggplant that 
doesn't have a trace of it.  I guess it soaks and drips out?