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Re: gluten-free

Sandra & Sally,

When my kids were having problems with gluten-intolerance, I found The All
Natural Allergy Cookbook by Jeanne Marie Martin my best reference. It is a
dairy-free, gluten-free vegetarian cookbook. Second best for us was Good
Food, Gluten Free by Hilda Cherry Hills- this cookbook
 does include dairy and meat, but I found I was able to make substitutions
and lower the fat in most recipes. When we had people over for dinner or
for holidays I loved The Gluten-Free Gourmet:Living Well Without Wheat by
Bette Hagman-this lady can cook! But most of her recipes are NOT low-fat
and this is not a vegetarian cookbook. Hope this helps. Sandra, if your
friend has e-mail you may give her my address and I would be happy to share
my favorite gluten-free  recipes with her.