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celiac sprue


My mom is a celiac also, and spent many miserable years with doctors
trying to figure out what was wrong with her. I sympathise with your
friend, as we ran into great problems when I became vegan, and VLF 
vegan to boot.  Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners are a really big
problem for us.  The two diets are so incompatable.  Mom lives on things
like cheese and eggs. I've never felt it was good for her, but I don't
know what else to do.  Thankfully, she seems to be in pretty good health
overall, so the excess fat in her diet has not caused a problem (yet).
When you can't eat bread or anything similar, and only pasta without
gluten, it creates a problem.  Also, we've found that she tends to be
quite sensitive to beans, and just can't eat them in any large amounts. 
I am sure that she has had so much intestinal damage over the years that
the excess fiber really bothers her.

Your friend is going to have to major on dishes containing potatoes as a
starch, or gluten-free pasta.  There is a web site devoted to celiac
disease--don't know the URL, but a search engine should locate it for
you.  There is an organization just for celiacs, with lots of cookbooks
etc.  Perhaps she could surf there some and see what she could modify.