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freezing tofu

     You know, I freeze Mori-nu tofu all the time and nothing terrible ever
     happens.  In fact, one of my favorite winter meals, stuffed acorn
     squash, uses frozen tofu.  I store one cube in the freezer and one in
     the fridge, generally.  For most recipes in which I use frozen tofu, I
     freeze it, take it out and unpackage it, and then grate it.  It works
     like a dream and the texture is chewy enough for me but doesn't
     replicate meat the way that mock duck does...ugh!  I hate that

     So, if anyone knows if this is wrong and I will die someday from
     freezing tofu, let me know, would you?


     Oh, Suzanne, hang in there.  I forgot to bring the recipe for noodle
     kugel.  Sorry.  I will have it shortly.

     Oh, also.  In the last digest there were several references to a
     Macro.  What is that?