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Re: Frozen Bananas

If you peel the soggy mass before freezing them, and then you pop them
into a plastic tupperware type container with a lid, you can just scoop
out as much as you need to use and leave the rest in the freezer.  An ice
cream scoop works well for this!  Oh, and you can always add more bananas
to the container later on, although you might want to dump out the older
banana, put the newer on the bottom and replace the older on top to rotate
the stock.


On Mon, 9 Feb 1998, Neil Bernstein wrote:

> If you are freezing banans that are overripe, you have a peeling problem.  If you peel them before freezing, you are freezing a soggy mass.  Same problem if you let them thaw before peeling.  I have opted to freeze them in the peel and then scrape the peel off with a knife.  It is a bit of a pain, but the best of the available alternatives.