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Re: dried tofu?

I make PSP (processed soy protein) from frozen, dehydrated tofu.  First
you freeze the tofu for at least 24 hours.  This changes the texture,
making it firmer and spongier.  After it thaws, squeeze out as much 
extra moisture as you can, then crumble it up.  Mix in some soy sauce,
or perhaps Braggs Liquid Aminos would work, too.  Then sprinkle it
onto dehydrator trays and dry.  It can be reconstituted to be used
for veggie chili, sloppy joes and other such things in place of ground

This could conceivably work for tofu "jerky."  I may give it a try 
sometime and see what happens.

Lee Ann

You wrote:
> I once read that the early chinese carried dried tofu when they went on long
> tirps.  It was like hard tac.  Frozen first but then what?  I' like to use it
> for lunches. Any ideas?