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Re: Fatfree-Cocoa

Sheri Slattery <slattery@xxxxxxxxxxxx> asked:
> Has anyone ever purchased the fat-free cocoa I saw in the King Arthur
> catalog?  Just wondering if it's worth buying.....
> Sheri

Yes, I ordered it and it's good. It has a richer flavor than regular
cocoa such as Hershey's but without the fat of Dutch-Process cocoa.
If you are looking for something special for your baking and you
like the best ingredients, I think the splurge is worth it. I just
wish the shipping wasn't so high for King Arthur products. I 
understand more and more supermarkets and gourmet shops are 
carrying the products so you might want to check some out before
ordering if it's convenient for you to do so.

Natalie in Milwaukee