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I would like to pass along a little tidbit that has helped me to speed the
time and process of preparing winter squash. I love the smooth creamy flesh
of acorn, butternut, kabacha, and other varieties of winter squash. I do
have to admit, tho, I was never much in the mood to first cut the squash
open, then scrape out the strings and seeds, not to mention peeling it !!
Thanks to a post Elle made to the list, I have found that ANY winter squash
variety I buy, can just be placed whole on a cookie sheet in the oven at 350
to 375 for about an hour and wella !! Remove the squash, slice in half the
long ways, and seeds and strings are easily removed !! After removing the
seeds, I scoop out the pulp and usually mash it along with soy milk and
butter buds, maybe some cinnamon....whatever the mood.  Oh, after removing
from the oven and removing seeds, I usually let the squash cool a bit, 5 or
10 minutes before scooping out the pulp.I hope this will help those of you
that dread preparing these tasty treats !!  I cooked a medium spagetti
squash this way for lunch this morning while going about my " other "
household chores !
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Lynne Ross