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Re: FF Cheese

>I've seen a posting or two that used ff cheese in recipes. I
> seem to find the "mainstream" ff cheese I used to use. Like
> Healthy Choice or I think even Kraft.
>Anyway...What happened?

Healthy Choice discontinued its complete line of fat free
products a few months ago. Their cheese is now labeled "low fat"
and some may have as much as 30% fat in them.  They also have
more calories per serving.

Kraft is still making their fat free cheese, but it seems to be
harder to find as is most fat free cheeses.  This has a whole
lot to due with industry sales and consumer acceptance.  Turns
out sales were pretty poor for fat free cheeses.  And the demand
for  full fat cheeses and dairy products is way up.

Snackwells also discontinued most, if not all, of their fat free
line of junk food, (ooops, i mean products)