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We had our fondue dinner yesterday which my visiting son requested.  When
planning the dippers my son and dil kept reminding me about the meat, but
it was meatless meal and I don't think that they were disappointed.

We put three fondues on the table (cheese, tomato, and chocolate) and over
a dozen different dippers--mostly fruit, vegetables and bread.  The tofu
squares fell apart too easily and the homemade foccocia with just a squirt
of PAM on top to hold the herbs, was great.  The chocolate fondue didn't
have any added fat in it so I thought that it was fatfree.  I forgot that
chocolate has fat in it.  We ate too much, but had fun.

The tomato fondue was in a crockpot and the other two were in sterno fondue
pots.  If I ever do this again I would like an electric fondue pot or a
small crockpot instead of the sterno fondue pots.

I'm sending the tomato fondue recipe in a separate post.