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RE: Cast-iron cookware

I have cast iron cookware.  It is all I use for just about anything.  
The only thing I would warn against is boiling beans in them it isn't 
recommended.  You can make baked beans in them but I was 
always told not to cook them any other way in cast iron.  I love 
cast iron skillets and so forth once you get them seaoned with a 
good vegetable oil they don't stick and require very little oil.  Hope 
this helps you decide.

> >
> > I got a cast-iron pot as a gift, and I'm trying
> > to figure out if I want to keep it or not.
> > If you use cast-iron cookware, please let me know
> > why you like/dislike it.  What do you cook in it?
> > I don't have a clue.
> >
> > Thanks.
> > -gloria
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