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Re: Lower cost wedding ideas

>Even though I am a veggie, I think
>it might be best to have a SAD wedding and just have the hotel try to
>present you with a salad and let the guests eat SAD. It might be best in
>the long run.

The thing to remember is that there is a great deal of competition among
halls to get wedding business.  Especially if you are having your wedding
during an off peak time (ie I think you would have more "bargaining power"
for a wedding held in October than for one in June.  I also think that
giving the caterer specific resources ie recipes and or menus that fulfill
the criteria you want will be better than saying I want it vegan or
vegetarian...some people still think that fish are fruit <G>.  The bottom
line is that communication is essential and so is getting a contract with
your chosen caterer and/or hall.  You should have the wedding you
want...most people only PLAN to do it once:))