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Re: Lower cost wedding ideas

I have to disagree a bit here.  I think the only reason it is difficult
for hotels and restaurants to do veggie food is because they haven't
taken any time to learn anything about it, and no one has taken 
the time to talk with them about the basics.  If the food service is
any good at all, they will be anxious to please their customers.  If
they refuse or cop an attitude, there are plenty of others out there
anxious to fill in!

Heck, even the standard ol' stir-fry should be simple enough for 
any caterer to do up.  If you don't try to get too fancy, I don't see any 
reason why any caterer can refuse or goof up a vegetarian affair.

Backing down from them will only hamper our progress in educating
the general public about our diet.

Lee Ann Reiners
> From: Michael M. Rosenblatt <ROSEY1@xxxxxxxxxxx>
> We didn't try it, but I think it is probably difficult for hotels or
> restaurants to do veggie food only. It's the same old story: They think
> that vegetarians only eat iceburg lettuce and tomato slices. That's
> their view of vegetarianism. If you want to do it truly veggie, you'd
> probably have to cater it yourself. Even with a lot of friends, that's a
> gargantuan task when you want to REALLY enjoy your loved ones' wedding.
> Also, a wedding's purpose is to get both of the families together, and
> under most circumstances, it will be the only time that ever occurs. If
> emotions are strained and there are arguments and fraid nerves, it is
> not the best "send-off" for the married couple. So anything that reduces
> the stresses already present is best. Even though I am a veggie, I think
> it might be best to have a SAD wedding and just have the hotel try to
> present you with a salad and let the guests eat SAD. It might be best in
> the long run.
> Mike Rosenblatt