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Re: Lower cost wedding ideas

On Sat, 1 Aug 1998, Michael M. Rosenblatt wrote:

> We didn't try it, but I think it is probably difficult for hotels or
> restaurants to do veggie food only. It's the same old story: They think
> that vegetarians only eat iceburg lettuce and tomato slices. That's
> their view of vegetarianism. If you want to do it truly veggie, you'd
> probably have to cater it yourself. Even with a lot of friends, that's a
> gargantuan task when you want to REALLY enjoy your loved ones' wedding.
> Also, a wedding's purpose is to get both of the families together, and
> under most circumstances, it will be the only time that ever occurs. If
> emotions are strained and there are arguments and fraid nerves, it is
> not the best "send-off" for the married couple. So anything that reduces
> the stresses already present is best. Even though I am a veggie, I think
> it might be best to have a SAD wedding and just have the hotel try to
> present you with a salad and let the guests eat SAD. It might be best in
> the long run.
I don't think it's necessarily stress-provoking to do your own
catering, although of course it depends on the size and formality
of the wedding.  When I was married the first time, my parents
prepared all the food (except the cake) and hired someone to help
serve, buffet style.  My father, who was retired, worked at a
fairly leisurely pace the week before the wedding preparing (SAD)
food.  The morning of the wedding, my mother-in-law-to-be and I
were peeling potatoes together for the potato salad, and it was
a bonding rather than a stress-provoking experience.

My second wedding was at home, with about 70 guests, in the afternoon.
My daughter and I spent the day before the wedding preparing elegant
finger foods (vegetarian but not lowfat).  Again, we prepared everything
but the cake.  I didn't hire anyone to cater, but asked a few relatives
and close friends to each supervise something--the two buffet tables,
serving the cake, serving the drinks (champagne and sparkling cider),
so that I wouldn't have to worry about any of it.

Jane Colman