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Lower cost wedding ideas

Amy Mielke had some great suggestions for veggie weddings, which also
helped to reduce costs. Her idea of a morning wedding was interesting,
but I wonder if she had any difficulty "getting" people up so early to
arrive, or if there was any grumbling. Still, friends and loved ones
should be willing to go that extra mile.

Our daughter (also named Amy) got married on a Saturday afternoon. It
was at a fancy hotel in Seattle on the waterfront, but since it was
before my veggie days, it was not a veggie wedding. Despite the fact
that it was a beautiful wedding, it cost less than it appeared. My
suggestions: Avoid evening weddings, they always cost more. Catered
dinners are always more expensive than lunches. Hire a good wedding
coordinator. They will end up saving you money if you use them "by the
hour" and decide ahead of time exactly what you want them to do. They
will also save you a lot of wear and tear, both emotional and physical.
NEVER pay for guests' whiskey or alcohol. We didn't offer it at all, but
offered a prepaid latte' stand after lunch.

We didn't try it, but I think it is probably difficult for hotels or
restaurants to do veggie food only. It's the same old story: They think
that vegetarians only eat iceburg lettuce and tomato slices. That's
their view of vegetarianism. If you want to do it truly veggie, you'd
probably have to cater it yourself. Even with a lot of friends, that's a
gargantuan task when you want to REALLY enjoy your loved ones' wedding.
Also, a wedding's purpose is to get both of the families together, and
under most circumstances, it will be the only time that ever occurs. If
emotions are strained and there are arguments and fraid nerves, it is
not the best "send-off" for the married couple. So anything that reduces
the stresses already present is best. Even though I am a veggie, I think
it might be best to have a SAD wedding and just have the hotel try to
present you with a salad and let the guests eat SAD. It might be best in
the long run.

Mike Rosenblatt