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Re: Salsas

Jane Smith <mjsmith@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:
> I've been seeing recipes for salsas with fruit in them, but just can't get
> my brain to imagine how they could be tasty (no doubt a serious failing on
> my part).  I talked to a mango-loving friend who grew up in Panama, and he
> hadn't ever eaten fruits like that and couldn't imagine that it could be
> good.  At the same time, I find it hard to believe that so many people on
> this list could be wrong.  So, could somebody tell me how they eat these
> salsas (and chutneys), if they're an acquired taste or a cultural thing (I
> live in the Midwest U.S., heart of beef & pork country, and are they eaten
> with tortilla chips or what?  I LOVE fruit, but just haven't been able to
> bring myself to add hot peppers, bell peppers, or onions to those lovely,
> sweet tidbits whose season here is so short or non-existent.

Our local Wild Harvest shop sells a pineapple-pepper salsa that we bought
on a whim.  We've eaten it with tortilla chips, and it's pretty good that
way, but the best thing we've found to eat with it are vegetarian
"Chicken" fingers (I don't remember who makes 'em -- I call 'em
'chicky-boos', just to be weird... :)  The salsa is basically a pineapple
sauce with a wicked kick!  My husband thought I was pretty strange, buying
it, but he's come to like it, too...


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