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FF: trying to make myself clear

Hiya, folks,

I guess I failed to make myself clear.  So many of you have written such
wonderful letters about using fat free cheeses etc....

What I am thinking of doing is ELIMINATING ALL DAIRY from my diet. Becoming
a vegan. And that means NO CHEESE, fat free or otherwise.

My question was: those of you who have successfully made the switch to a
vegan diet, how do you live without butter, Parmesean cheese and extra
sharp cheddar, feta, yoghurt, buttermilk?

Many of the fat free and the dairyless options all share a characteristic
that is really distasteful to me.  the "fat" taste has been replaced by a
"sweet" taste.  having no sweet tooth whatsover, i really can't abide the
fat free this's and that's because of the various sugars that have been
added to it.  They may be fat free, but that's till alotta wasted calories
in all that sugar, IMO.

I like the savory taste, the strong taste.  I don't like using applesauce
instead of oil in my baking because applesauce, even unsweetened is already
too sweet for my taste.

So are there any vegans on this list who are like me?  Vgans with no sweet
tooth at all who have figred out some clever ways of doing without the
strong flavors I listed above??

Gloriamarie, writing to you from San Diego, celebrating the Return of
Perfect Weather.  Come and enjoy it with me!!

"The moral is, build up that stash. You never know when you're
going to need to knit a scarf for the Dalai Lama." Jean Miles, Edinburgh