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MORE banana bread and DC Veggie Restaurants

Hi All!!! 
     hope everyone's day is as glorious as the one here in central VA!
     I have two questions to reply to today. First, to June who recently
moved to the DC area and is looking for good veggie restaurants: I lived in
Arlington for a summer and spent much time looking for restaurants that would
cater to the vegan diet of my partner and me.  What I found: In the 1700 bock
of Connecticut Av. (Between R and S streets) there is a place called Food For
Thought. GREAT place! They have a vegetarian soup every day, an entire menu
of vegetarian dishes and serve filtered water!  Live music every once in a
while and even non-veg foods for those who arent vegetarian.  My fave: The
black beans over brown rice - YUM YUM YUM! also really good veggie quiches
and tofu stir fry!
     Also, on Washington Blvd. in Clarendon in Arlington (between Ballston
and Rosslyn) there is an Indian restaurant called Madhu Bahn. A total dive
(yes, it's a hole in the wall) but the food is unbelieveable.  3 or 4
different curries everyday and an all you can eat buffet for $4.95!!!! the
prices are out of this world and their dal and basmati rice are outstanding!
Hard to find but a GREAT catch if you can! 
     There is also a Whole Foods Market on Wilson Blvd. near the courthouse
metro stop in Arlington (between Clarendon and Rosslyn) which has lost of
veggie options and a HUGE veggie deli! The Arlington Co-op (Edgewood off of
Columbia Pike) is great too! These are just a few of the best - if you have
any more questions, please write me and I'll fill ya in on some more!

     Now, on to the eternal banana bread thread! Anni, I don't know what
happened to your bread but let me ask - how long did you cook it? and you
used 2 cups of flour, right? I've never heard of this messing up so I'm quite
concerned that this didnt work for you! Let me know what ya did and we'll see
if we cant fix it, because you're really missing out on a great dish!

Now that I have written WAY to much , i will quit! have a great day everyone!

Jerry Brick