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Karen's fruit salad

Here is a tip 4 Karen:

Whenever we make fruit salad at our house (which is about once a wk) we 
use the following list of fruits, give or take what is on sale that wk:
bananas, apples, pears, orange (tangerines are better) divided in 
segments, starfruit (4 a treat), kiwis (in chunks), canned peaches (add 
about 1/2 the juice/syrup from the can), canned OR fresh pineapple (and 
half the canned juice, or all the fresh juice), sliced strawberries, a 
handful or two of frozen blueberries, any kind of melon chunks (my 
personal fav. is cantaloupe) and any bargains available on fancy or 
exotic fruits at the grocery store (eg:mangoes)

The additional liquid from the pineapple and the peaches helps the 
flavours of all the fruits blend together quite nicely. We chop and 
slice and dice everything (mix the apples and bananas with a drop or two 
of lemon juice and the citrus fruits so they don't turn brown) mix 
EVERYTHING in a big bowl, and try our hardest to find a place in the 
overflowing fridge for it. Overnight lets the salad come together 
nicely. It is a real delight on top of a slice of angel food cake, and a 
dallop of fat free cool whip. 



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