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Asparagus in water

I'm not sure, but I suspect that since only the ends of the asparagus or
corn on the cob are in water you don't lose vitamins and minerals such as
you would if the whole vegetable were in the water. In this case the
opposite seems to happen - it seems to drink the sugar water just as
flowers drink water. In the case of corn on the cob - the corn seems to get
sweeter and fresher if this method is done as soon as possible - maybe
because corn starts to lose its sugars 20 minutes after being picked and
this replaces some of what is lost. I'd love to hear some other opinions
because I'm only guessing. I do know I have come home with some rather dry
asparagus (all I could get) and putting it in sugar water seemed to
rejuvenate it. 
 From cold again Arizona - Patty